7 Mile House

Established in 1858, the historic 7 Mile House is a family and dog-friendly restaurant, sports bar, and live music venue serving up homestyle American and Filipino food.

Established in 1853, the historic 7 Mile House is a family and dog-friendly restaurant, sports bar, and live music venue in the San Francisco Bay Area serving up a unique mix of homestyle Italian/American/Filipino food.

TO BENEFIT salupongan international READ PROGRAM in the Philippines 

On June 10, 2017 the 7 Mile House Famous Pork Adobo will be challenged by five other adobo recipes nominated by YOU, our customers, for the first annual "7 Mile House Adobo Cook Off"! 

Do you or someone you know make a killer adobo worthy of competing against our own dish? Nominate yourself or someone you know in the form below for a chance to beat the best adobo in the Bay Area!

tickets ($25)

There's a only a limited amount of tickets so click here and buy now!

- Includes ALL YOU CAN DRINK San Miguel Beer

- ALL YOU CAN EAT Jasmine Rice

- Tastings of each adobo entry, including 7 Mile's!

- One vote for your favorite adobo!


PRIZES for the adobo cookoff winner

Party for 6 People at 7 Mile House ($200 value)

2 Tickets to San Francisco Bay Cruises Adventure

2 Tickets to Rocketboat Adventure

A commemorative plaque from 7 Mile House

Bragging rights for one year as 7 Mile's Adobo Cookoff Winner!


May 22, 2017, 5pm - We announce the finalists for the Adobo Cookoff Competition 

June 10, 2017, 11am-1pm - Adobo Cookoff! *With music by DJ Delrockz!


1) Must be nominated by May 17th, 2017.

2) Adobo may be any style with any meat or seafood. Does not need to be traditional. Fusion recipes accepted!

3) Must bring a sample of your dish between 11am and noon on May 20th for consideration.  You may place in tupperware, good for 5 people. No need to plate it (unless you want to of course)! No rice needed. 

4) We will announce the finalists by 5pm on May 22nd via email to the contestants then via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by 6pm. 

5) June 10 11am - 1pm Contest Time! Set up by 10:30am in the provided outdoor space with a tent and 6 foot table. Be prepared to serve 200 small servings. Contestants will be given a $50 stipend to help with the cost of your dish.  

6) Winner will be announced right after the ballots are counted!


All proceeds from the event will benefit Salupongan International (SI), and help provide educational tools and supplies to Salupongan's READ (Right to Education, Autonomy and Dignity) Program. They are a grassroots organization inspired by the aspirations of the Manobo Talaingod tribe; who united their villages and defended their ancestral land and rainforest from being destroyed by corporate loggers decades ago in the Southern Mindanao Region of the Philippines. Today, they continue to protect their ancestral land, educate their children and empower their communities in the spirit and legacy of Salupongan Ta’ Tanu Igkanugon “Unity in Defense of Ancestral Land”.

Millions of children in the Philippines lack the opportunity to pursue their basic human right to receive an education because of systemic poverty living on less than $1-2 dollars a day. Indigenous peoples, especially children, are one of the most marginalized sectors in the Philippines.

Hours of Operation:      

Sundays 10am-8pm;      Mondays & Tuesdays 11:30am-10pm (kitchen till 9pm);       Wednesdays & Thursdays 11:30am-11pm (kitchen till 9pm);       Fridays & Saturdays 11:30am-1am (kitchen till 10pm)

2800 Bayshore Blvd. Brisbane, CA 94005
(415) 467-2343