7 mile house Jazz Fest awards

Every year, 7 Mile House presents a set of Bay Area Jazz Recognition Awards at its Annual 7 Mile House Jazz Fest. The Bay Area is filled with an amazing amount of music and the great jazz scene is made possible by the talents, hard work, and dedication of a huge cast and crew of amazingly talented players, presenters, promoters, and listeners.

7 Mile House is pleased to take the opportunity to celebrate the region’s great jazz, recognizing just a few of the wonderful people who make all this possible. Every year at the 7 Mile Jazz Fest, we honor people in these three categories: Outstanding Jazz Presenter, Outstanding Jazz Promoter, and Outstanding Jazz Musician.

Live jazz is heard in the Bay Area because some people arrange the venue and hire the musicians – these are who we call “jazz presenters”.  One of the main reasons that listeners fill rooms like this is because of the people we call “jazz promoters” – the people who advertise and promote and spread the word about the performances through the print and on-line media and on the airwaves. And of course, we have the heart of the music, our precious “jazz musicians”.

2019 jazz fest awardees


Outstanding Jazz Musician
Recipient: Larry Vuckovich


Yugoslavian pianist Larry Vuckovich has been a favorite performer on the San Francisco Bay Area jazz scene and around the world forever.  He has appeared  with every big name in jazz over the years.  His inventive and sparkling piano playing, his vibrant band-leading, and his effervescent personality have brought the music to new heights for his countless fans.


Outstanding Jazz Presenter
Recipient: Maxwell Borkenhagen


As far-fetched as a young pianist dreaming of creating and operating his own jazz club may be in the hit movie La La Land, San Jose native Maxwell Borkenhagen has done just that.  His Café Stritch has become a big hit: a venue for performances by the best of the best Bay Area players as well as touring stars.  The gorgeous room and Maxwell’s care with acoustics make the listening experience superb for visitors. 


Outstanding Jazz Promoter
Recipient: Alisa Clancy


Alisa Clancy is the voice of jazz in the Bay Area.  Her encyclopedic knowledge of the music’s present and past, and her limitless enthusiasm for the art form and its practitioners, not to mention her beaming smile, make her the “Queen of California Jazz Radio”.  Every morning, she adds another brick to the pathway connecting listeners to performers, celebrating humanity and making everyone more joyous.