7 Mile House

Established in 1858, the historic 7 Mile House is a family and dog-friendly restaurant, sports bar, and live music venue serving up homestyle American and Filipino food.

Established in 1853, the historic 7 Mile House is a family and dog-friendly restaurant, sports bar, and live music venue in the San Francisco Bay Area serving up a unique mix of homestyle Italian/American/Filipino food.

KCSM Off-Air and On-Site

Top: Dave Bendigkeit & the Keepers of the Flame, at the 7 Mile (photo by Jessica Levant)

Bottom: KCSM's Alisa Clancy (right) hosts Jazz Trivia Contest, helped by 7 Mile owner Vanessa Garcia and (at far left) Alisa's daughter Ramona (photo by Jeff Kaliss)

At the other end of her Monday, Alisa Clancy, host of the early-hour Morning Cup of Jazz program on KSCM radio, was wide awake for dinner and a show, bolstered by her alert teenage daughter Ramona. The site was the 7 Mile, and the show was Dave Bendigkeit and his Keepers of the Flame, with Vince Lateano on drums, Chris Amberger on bass, and Aaron Garner on keyboards. Andrew Speight, co-keeper with Vince of the Sunday Doghouse Jam, was blowing hot through a climatic cooling trend on Dave's part-trumpet part-vocal version of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". Further representing the wizards of jazz radio for this KCSM Tribute Dinner, a feature of Jazz Appreciation Month, were MId-Day Jazz co-host Chris Cortez and station manager Dante Betteo. Solos flew fast and furious on the band's rendition of Fritz Pauer's "Cherokee Sketches"; it sounded something like The Battle of Little and Big Horns. "Stablemates" called in a herd of young guest stallions, not yet branded (though I know there was a Max on keyboards and a Lewis on drums and a couple of other dudes on guitar and sax and they were all great. Chris hung in as chaperone. Andrew seemed aglow even when he wasn't on alto, and his joy was reflected by a packed audience, pleased with both the music and a chance to share a living space with the on-air personalities they listen to but hadn't seen. Alisa, partnered by daughter Ramona and 7 Mile owner Vanessa Garcia, tested the audience on Jazz Trivia between sets, rewarding the wise with, among other prizes, the new black inscribed 7 Mile Jazz t-shirts which all the attractive waitstaff are wearing (and which you'd better get one of your own, while they last). Andrew had to leave early, but took his contagious smile with him and left a comment that the 7 Mile has become like "heaven" for him. Alisa, though a first-timer there, joined his judgment and committed to return, perhaps with Ramona's twin brother Riley. If you still have time, make sure you get to hear and see more youth and their teachers --- among them Andrew Speight and Michael Zisman --- on Master & Student Jam & Trivia Night, Tuesday, April 12th. 

Hours of Operation:      

Sundays 10am-8pm;      Mondays - Thursdays  11:30am-10pm (kitchen till 9pm);       Fridays & Saturdays 11:30am-1am (kitchen till 10pm)

2800 Bayshore Blvd. Brisbane, CA 94005
(415) 467-2343