First Annual 7 Mile House Jazz Fest! Local Jazz, Awards & Wall of Fame

First Annual Jazz Festival Held at Historic 7 Mile House
One day event features local Jazz, awards, and wall of fame


March 2, 2018, Brisbane, CA - On the heels of celebrating their 160-year anniversary, the Bay Area’s historic 7 Mile House is producing their first annual “7 Mile House Jazz Fest,” on Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 12pm-11:30pm. The event is FREE ADMISSION. The festival features 11 bands, an impressive array of the Bay Area’s top jazz musicians and ensembles. It will also mark the first annual “7 Mile House Jazz Awards” for the following categories: Outstanding Bay Area Jazz Presenters, Outstanding Bay Area Jazz Promoters, and Outstanding Bay Area Jazz Artists; and hosted by KCSM Jazz 91 DJ, Alisa Clancy, and other on-air personalities.

“We’re proud of the jazz program we’ve built at 7 Mile House over the past decade, and have always celebrated Jazz Appreciation Month in April with great performances and fun events,” shares owner Vanessa Garcia. “This year, we’re turning up the volume and bringing the local jazz community together for a one-day festival. This event is our contribution to keep the local jazz scene thriving.”

Along with the jazz festival, a “Jazz Wall of Fame” will be unveiled, featuring a permanent display of local musicians; photographed and curated by Jessica Levant. As a committed jazz aficionado, Jessica Levant started photographing musicians at The 7 Mile House that morphed into the two volumes of “Bay Area Jazz and Blusicians.” The books were published in 2013 and 2014, and launched at the restaurant.  Many of the photos will be featured on the restaurant's wall and website.

“This is going to be one of the coolest jazz events of the year in the Bay Area, where jazz is part of our cultural fabric,” said Jon Krosnick, one of the co-organizers of the festival.  “The amazing musicians on the bill are among the region’s top players, and bringing them all together on the same stage is very special for Bay Area jazz fans. In what will become an annual tradition.”

The festival is sponsored by KCSM Jazz 91, The California Jazz Conservatory, The Stanford Jazz Workshop, and Gelb Music. Featured artists are listed below, and a schedule for the festival will be announced on the 7 Mile House website (

Soul Sauce: Curt Moore (drums), Murray Low (keyboards), Jon Eriksen (vibes), Rich Girard (bass), Tim Gutierrez (percussion) – Introduction by Alisa Clancy

The 7 Mile House All-Stars: Dave Bendigkeit (trumpet), Anton Schwartz (sax), Don Alberts (piano), Frank Tusa (bass), Wally Schnalle (drums) – Introduction by Alisa Clancy

California Jazz Conservatory Student and Alumni Band: Susana Pineda & the New Quartet- Susana Pineda (vocals), Shimpei Ogawa (bass), Morgan Maudiere (piano), and Zach Mondlick (drums) – Introduction by Alisa Clancy

Stanford Jazz Workshop Miles Ahead Combo: Grant Grech, guitar and leader, Donovan Warren, trombone, Keshav Balaji, piano, Ben Redlawsk, bass – Introduction by Alisa Clancy

Ratatet: Alan Hall (drums), Sheldon Brown (woodwinds), John Gove (trombone), Dillon Vado (vibes, percussion), Greg Sankovich (keyboards), Jeff Denson (basses and vocals) – Introduction by Jayn Pettingill

Kristen Strom Quartet (sax), Peter Barshay (bass), Scott Sorkin (guitar), Jason Lewis (drums) – Introduction by Jayn Pettingill

Al Molina Jazz Sextet (trumpet), Tod Dickow (sax), Al Bent (trombone), Larry Chinn (piano), Peter Barshay (bass), Vince Lateano (drums) – Introduction by Jayn Pettingill

Tod Dickow and Charged Particles: Tod Dickow (sax), Murray Low (keyboards), Aaron German (bass), Jon Krosnick (drums) – Introduction by Leslie Stovall

Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel: Brian Andres (drums), Christian Tumalan (piano), Aaron Germain (bass), Javier Cabanillas (congas), Steffen Kuehn (trumpet). – Introduction by Leslie Stovall

Glen Pearson Quartet (piano), Calvin Keys (guitar), Fred Randolph (bass), Deszon Claiborne (drums)

The Ray Obiedo Group: Ray Obiedo (guitar), Peter Horvath (piano), Jeff Cressman (trombone), Dave Belove (bass), Colin Douglas (drums)

Event Info:
Date - Saturday, March 17, 2018
Time: 12:00pm-11:30pm

7 Mile House
2800 Bayshore Blvd.
Brisbane, CA 94005
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