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Owner of the historic 160-year-old 7 Mile House, Vanessa Garcia (and co-author Regina Abuyuan), take home the 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards in the Biography Historical category for their self-published book See You at the 7: Stories From The Bay Area’s Last Original Mile House. Read More!


A new book on 7 Mile House, Brisbane's oldest establishment and building celebrates its intriguing history and how it came to be everyone’s favorite home “in the middle of nowhere”

In 2004, Vanessa Garcia purchased the 7 Mile House, a dark dive in the outskirts of Brisbane and “in the middle of nowhere,” unaware of its history, the countless stories contained within its walls—and that, for the better part of the last 160 years, it was home to thousands of locals and travelers of all colors and persuasions.

Vanessa’s first realizations that the place had any historical importance was a faded photograph of the bar, attributed to the late 19th century. Who were the people in the photo? Were their descendants still alive? And how did Albert Flynn, from whom she had bought the restaurant and who people said had worked for notorious bookmaker Ronald “The Cigar” Sacco, acquire it?

Over the years, Vanessa tried—unsuccessfully—to piece together fragments and information about her restaurant, to fill in unanswered gaps and mysteries about 7 Mile House, while indefatigably breathing back life into her fledgling business.

It was a fourteen-year long journey that culminated in 2018 with 7 Mile House’s 160th anniversary and the launch of Vanessa’s self-published book “See You At The 7 - Stories From the Bay Area's Last Original Mile House.”

In this first-ever comprehensive narrative on “The 7,” as it came to be called in the 1950s, Vanessa traces its roots from 1858, when it began as a toll gate carved along the bayside of San Bruno mountain; to a saloon, hotel, and wheelman’s exchange in the early 1900s; to an illegal gambling den in the years leading up to Prohibition; to a melting pot of carefree workers from Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1940s and S.E. Rykoff in the 1980s; to the largest illegal sports gambling syndicate West of the Mississippi; to the family and dog-friendly restaurant, sports bar, and live music venue that it is today.

Culled from weeks’ worth of interviews, and many hours in the archives of San Mateo, San Francisco, and Sacramento Counties and photographic collections, the finished product is a richly-illustrated, deeply personal book about how an extraordinary place has withstood the fickle tides of history while remaining true to its essence: a home to come back to when the days are just too rough—or when hearts are exploding with a joy that must be shared among people you choose to call family.

The book is co-authored by award-winning editor Regina Abuyuan, with a foreword by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte (Native Son).

Proceeds of the sales of the book go to the restoration and preservation of the 7 Mile House 160-year-old-building

Support your local book store, gift shops and library! You can now buy 'See You at the 7' at City Lights Bookstore, the California Historical Society gift shop, and your local library!


Cousins & Co-Authors

Vanessa Garcia & Regina Abuyuan


Book Events

Join Vanessa her Book Talk events and learn about the history of 7 Mile House and the Mile House route

Thank you so much for an amazing presentation. It was one of our most fun, lively, community feeling events.
— Patty Pforte, California Historical Society
It was a great presentation, Vanessa was very engaging and personable. We all loved it!
— Stacy Lein, San Francisco Public Library

Vanessa has presented about Bay Area mile houses and the book 'See You At the 7' at The California Historical Society, SF History Days, San Francisco History Association, and South San Francisco Library, Daly City History Association, Brisbane Library, and San Francisco Library (main branch)

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